R.M.I. Studios Outfitted Equipment: (3 Rooms Total)

Mic Pre-Amps: Arrel Audio El-111/ Arrel Audio AL123/ Arrel Audio Al125 (4)/ API 312 (16)/ Neve 1084 / Neve 1272 (2)  
EQ’s: Original API 550A (12) / Original API 560A (2) 
Compression: Emperical Labs Distressors (2) / 
Techtronics LA-2A Format: Pro-Tools HD 2 (24 in Analog / 8 Digital, 32 Outs) 
Full palette of TDM/RTAS Plug-Ins 
Control Surface: 24 Channel Mackie (HUI), w/Transport Controls Producer’s Talkback Remote 
Microphones: Full Shure Line 
(KSM44, 32, Beta Series, Etc), Nuemann M-149 (2), AKG C414 (2) 
Monitoring: Yamaha NS10/ Yamaha MSP10/JBL LSR Series 
(MId-Field Soffitts) / JBL LSR Sub-Woofer (Stereo Monitoring) / M-Audio BX Series w/BX-10 Sub (Surround Monitoring) 
Ear Monitoring: Hear-Back system (6 Stations) 
Programming/Writing Station: Logic 9 w/Yamaha Motif 8 / M-Audio Trigger Finger/ Korg Wavedrum/ Yamaha Multi-Pad (Full Yamaha DTX Pad Kit available upon request) 
Patching: Z-Sys Optical patching to-from writing station 
Video: Final Cut Studio HD editing suite with AJA In/Outs ( JVC Monitors / Surround Output Monitoring)
Cameras: Sony HDVC HD Video Cameras (4) (Pre-Positioned) 
Data Transfer: Full FTP server, up/down linking, video conferencing capabilities, wireless Internet and wireless printing
Sound Library: Extensive Virtual Library (Logic EXS) 
Instrument Inventory: Massive live Drum and Percussion inventory, Yamaha Acoustic/Electric Guitars & Basses, full rental packages and musician contracting is also available
R.M.I. Studios is a state of the art recording facility in Chatsworth, CA Since 2001 R.M.I. Studios and R.M.I. Music Productions Inc. have been the home base to International Recording Artist Russ Miller. R.M.I. Studios is a centerpiece for the company where over 100 albums and dozens of movies have been produced and/or recorded in full or in part.  These include multiple platinum albums from artists such as Hilary Duff, Nelly Furtado, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Cher, John Tesh, Meredith Brooks, Jarvis Church, as well as, movies such as Transcendence, Lakeview Terrace, Hit and Run, Boondock Saints, Fracture, Resident Evil Apocalypse and T.V. shows like SYFY's Continuum and FX's Tyrant.